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Michael A. Balduzzi, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services

Michael A. Balduzzi was named senior vice president, engineering and technical services. This role combines operations support, business development and nuclear security with the role’s traditional responsibilities for engineering, project management, MP&C and emergency planning and licensing. Prior, Balduzzi served as senior vice president of regional operations for the northeast region of Entergy Nuclear since March 2007.

He started with Entergy Nuclear when the company purchased the Vermont Yankee Plant in July 2002 where he served as its vice president operations. In 2003 he was named as site vice president.

Balduzzi has extensive nuclear experience in boiling water reactor technologies. Prior to VY’s purchase, he was its senior vice president and chief nuclear officer. Before joining Entergy, Balduzzi spent more than five years with Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation and over 15 years with Niagara Mohawk.

He began his career at Niagara Mohawk in 1982 as an engineer and earned a senior reactor operator license in 1992. He held various management positions at Niagara Mohawk, Nine Mile One and Two, including lead quality assurance engineer, system engineer, general supervisor of operations support and operations manager. While at VYNPC, he moved from superintendent of operations, to plant manager, to vice president of operations, to senior vice president and chief nuclear officer.

His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, and he completed the Institute of Nuclear Power Operation’s Senior Nuclear Plant Management Course.

Updated 10/2013