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Jeff S. Forbes - Executive Vice President, Nuclear Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer, Entergy Nuclear

Jeff S. Forbes was named executive vice president, nuclear operations and chief nuclear officer at Entergy Nuclear effective Jan. 2, 2013. He is responsible for Entergy’s nuclear plants located in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, as well as the company’s management services to the Cooper Nuclear Station for the Nebraska Public Power District.

Forbes previously served as senior vice president of nuclear operations at Entergy Nuclear, overseeing the daily operations of Entergy’s 11 nuclear units since his appointment to that post in August 2011. He also directed regional operations for Entergy’s nuclear plants in the South and served as vice president of operations at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville, Ark., and Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Miss.

Before joining Entergy in August 2003, Forbes worked as senior vice president with the Nuclear Management Company. He had full responsibility of company boiling water reactor operations at Duane Arnold Energy Center and Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant.

Forbes started his career at NMC in 2001 as general manager at Monticello and was promoted to vice president within two months.

Forbes began his nuclear career in 1978 as an operations engineer at Duke Energy Corp.’s Oconee Nuclear Station. During his 11-year tenure at the plant, he served as general manager, performance engineer manager, outage manager and maintenance manager. In 1989, Forbes moved to Catawba Nuclear Station as a technical service manager. Two years later, he was named site engineering manager.

When he returned to Oconee Nuclear as general manager in 1998, he helped significantly improve plant operating performance, including achieving plant operating records in capacity factor and reduced reactor trips.

Forbes received his Bachelor of Science degree in nuclear engineering from Penn State University. He holds a reactor operator’s license, a senior reactor operator’s license and a professional engineer license. He completed Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program in October 2007.

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